Embu Campus Library

Embu campus boasts of a fully equipped, well-stocked modern library with book volumes increasing by the day. This library has a carrying capacity of 200 users and has been designed to take care of the growing student population, learning programs and research activities. Students have access to a wide array of electronic, multimedia materials and global information through the internet. Qualified librarians supported, ensure that students are given the level of guidance and support they require, hence enabling them again valuable information from this resource centre. The library is also equipped with modern computers for online reading and research. Plans are underway to link the campus library to the Post Modern library in the Main Campus.


     Opening Hours

     Monday: Friday: 8.00a.m-8.00pm
     Saturday: 8.00a.m – 6.00pm
     Sunday: 9.00 am – 4.00pm
     Closed on public holidays
     Library Resources – maktaba.ku.ac.ke
     OPAC – book search E resources (E- Books and Journals)
     Past papers (download as PDF)
     Digital Library (theses and dissertations)